The Martian Chronicles

Producer + Editor​​​​​​​+ 3D Garment Animator:Gjorgji Despodov
Director+3D Garment Designer:Anelia Antova

Let’s start from the very beginning. Shooting a fashion photoshoot during the quarantine is quite impossible, when the stores for fabrics are closed.  But at the same time, “we could go out wherever we wanted”, in this case -we went to  Mars. So we created digital clothing samples in place of physical ones, eliminating textile waste and creating stunning online content in the process. 
It seems we are closer to Mars  every single day.​​​​​​​ We came up with this futuristic scenes trying to create an association with the planet  and futuristic enviroments  to move away from the classic representations of fashion shows.This approach helps to increase the future of fashion. So we’ve created a futuristic  athmospher and some shapes full of features.This project allowed us to have some fun exploring and learning 3D cloth software-Marvelous Designer.