So Marko na ulica Festival

Why do we need Urban Marko? 

The connecting threads of the” With Marko on the street” festival are the modern art flows, modern technologies and the essential process of our idea, that is re-actualization of people, and their work, which we consider that are permanently engraved in the broadly understood multinational, multicultural, i.e., the folk heritage, and they originate, or are connected with the city of Prilep and the region. 
Re-actualization as a process provides the sustainability and continuity of the entire cultural heritage, if the right media and techniques for its modern and interactive presentation are used, i.e. it is a platform for its subversive analisys and possibility to show it again as current, attractive and, of course, understandable and accessible to new generations, who will have a real and tangible chance to get to know the work of a fascinating person, remembering him as their own new urban hero. 
The first thematic inspiration for the new Prilep festival is not accidental, and there are many reasons for dealing with the urban version of Marko: a self-taught intellectual; a lover of fashion and writing; uneducated, however active user of the all Balkan languages, interdisciplinary, multicultural and multinational collector; connecting role in building a collective national identity, by recording the folk heritage of all ethnic groups; author of one of the most inspiring stories for children (Siljan the Stork); a visual appearance that can ideally engrave into today’s aesthetically-popular criteria.

Organizer: The Centar for Contemporary Art Prilep

The festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia and the Municipality of Prilep.

Marko Cepenkov-character evolution