Public Space Prilep

Neat logo, graphic elements and the whole system of visual end-to-end identification emphasize the character of the brand: PublicSpacePrilep is a free-minded space with a friendly atmosphere welcoming everybody.

Public Space Prilep is an attempt to revive the central city core by presenting and creating the idea that public space should be a common cultural, recreational and social good of all citizens; platform for exchanging ideas, thoughts, experiences,challenges, products, etc. Public opinion that inspires and initiates creativity, initiative, responsibility,volunteering, inclusiveness, etc. The mission of Public Space Prilep is to invite people to be  active part of the creative process for proper and useful management of the common public space, to try to popularize the city and the people together, help us  to grow into a concept that our city will be recognizable and will rebuild and restore the position of authentic and inspiring place to live, socialize and create.

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